Why Biking 3,400 Miles Is Totally Worth It

31 May


Everyone has the power to make a difference.

Some say creating change is difficult, even impossible, when it comes to tackling social justice issues.

I’d say it’s as easy as riding a bicycle.

Every big task needs to be tackled together, accomplishing one bite sized piece at a time. This has been done in Phoenix, even now, where there is a great need for bicycle infrastructure. With a non-existent budget for bike lanes and a small population of people supporting bikes, people saw the need and came together, loudly celebrating bikes through events like New Belgium Tour de Fat, Pedal Craft, Feast on the Street and Valley Bike Month. Their success paved the way for Phoenix to embrace bicycle sharing, scheduled to launch in Winter 2013. This ignited Phoenix Spokes People to form, advocating for bicycle infrastructure, which now secured over 1.5 million dollars in the city budget to make Phoenix bike friendly. Seemingly impossible? Not with the help of a team!

So, how can bikes be used even more for the greater global good? What about using bikes to overcome such horrific issues as human trafficking?

This is an issue close to my heart that, while I wanted to help, was overwhelmed with the enormity of the issue. For instance, there are approximately 20 to 30 million slaves in the world today. It is the third largest international crime industry, behind illegal drugs and arms trafficking, reportedly generating a $32 billion profit every year.  Consisting 70% of innocent women and children, victims are forced into prostitution, labor, slavery, and involuntary servitude. How can one person help overcome this horrible injustice?

Enter: Venture Expeditions, a group of people who are active year-round, encouraging the local community to come together on behalf of global justice issues. This type of work is bigger than a simple event or a cause; it’s challenging people to live life differently and channel their abilities to raise awareness for others who need a voice. Together, and with faith, change can happen.

So, I’m joining a group of 15 other people to do the “impossible” and bike across state lines, two months and 3,400 miles, to tackle this issue of human trafficking. Physical sacrifice for the greater good. One day at a time, one mile at a time, a change happens within and ripples without.

Think of a dream you’ve always had. Have you accomplished it yet? Is it because you think it is impossible? Have you taken the first steps to make it a reality? For me, it first seemed impossible to not drive a car. But, small steps made it possible. It seemed impossible to have a voice for bicycles in a “non-friendly” bicycle city. But, people came together and now Arizona on the map for a top-10, bike-friendly state and eventually, the city. Now, I’m tackling another impossibility of providing solutions to this trafficking epidemic.

With your help, we can raise funds and awareness to bring hope and healing to these innocent victims of trafficking. Together, with the help of bicycles, we can change the world.

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