1,000 Miles Down

25 Jun


Seattle to mid-Montana. 1,000 miles. Our two-week venture has taken us through 13 city destinations with miles upon miles of various terrain and weather, hundreds of faces welcoming us in, and 2,400 miles left to explore. 

The uniqueness of this trip isn’t the seemingly impossible expedition; it’s the change that happens within. Climbing onto a bike and lasting for 8-hours is a very tangible goal. However, our team didn’t sign up for a vacation – we wanted a challenge. And the challenge is the sacrifice. We sacrificed our summer, which isn’t a long amount of time, to climb mountains, ride hundreds of miles a day, and understand God’s love for the oppressed. Right now, we are just scratching the surface. 

Our bodies are hurting, our hearts are tired, and some nights, it’s all the energy we have to maintain a simple dinner conversation. But, we do. Something keeps us going. And the more we dig into our souls and meditate on why we are doing this ride, we become acutely aware of who we are, and what we are (and aren’t) capable of.  I become aware of my freedoms and restrictions, what my body and mind needs to keep going, and what my soul needs to create a firm foundation. Mostly, I realize as much as I feel I understand myself and the world, I am pretty inadequate by myself. I’m one speck of dust in the world, one glitch of time that will be gone in a breath. When I want to strive for greatness, it takes much more than my own strength and understanding. It takes a team. It takes God. More on this soon. 🙂

For now, our trip has been amazing, but it’s time to dig deeper. To accept the faith that we can do this trip and truly help those who we are raising awareness for in Asia, we as individuals have to be open and ready for what God has in store. That is the true adventure!

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