The Calm Before the Climb

8 Jun

15 riders, staring up a mountain. This mountain out of Washington, while daunting, is not just physical. For many of us, this mountain is the first of many obstacles we will have to overcome. We are putting more than our physical bodies through this demanding terrain. We gave up two months of our year, pausing our school, jobs, and personal lives to focus on a much more demanding issue at hand – human trafficking. This issue, to us, is worth the sacrifice.

What is faith without applying yourself? It is just words. What is the act of doing without faith? It is empty and impulsive. This venture is about blending the physical and mental with spiritual faith, where God calls us to help his people who are oppressed. We all have to dig deep, dare to be vulnerable, and put ourselves out there. This hurdle will be the first of many.

So, tomorrow we start – one pedal push at a time, to trek 3,400 miles! Join us in our journey and help push us forward! Tomorrow – WE RIDE! Image

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