11 Jul


Sacrifice. The theme of this trip. One doesn’t really comprehend what that means until you’re in it. At first, we thought a sacrifice of time and money was enough. But, it’s so much more than that.

Over the course of this trip, and meeting the leaders of Venture Expeditions in Minneapolis, our team was posed with this question: What are you willing to sacrifice to help others? How will you let this trip change you? 

Sacrifice isn’t supposed to be easy. And it’s not for the glory or the recognition. In order to really lift someone up, in order to understand God’s love for you, and to live out who you are designed to be, you need to lose yourself.  

We’ve been blessed by some amazing people on this trip, who have opened their doors, served us, prayed for us, encouraged us, and been in awe of us. Who are we to deserve such treatment? We are just riding our bikes! But to them, we are heroes who should be honored. How much more can we honor others with our lives?

I observe this amazing world around me and meditate on the freedom that the bike provides. As the scenery flies by, from prairie and farmland, to mountains and urban cities, this is still my body, in which I have a choice in where it goes. But, ultimately, with this one life, I can choose to make a big difference and throw myself into faith. What good does it do to be safe? To only think of yourself? 

This trip has become about more than just riding a bike. It’s about discovering your soul and learning about who you are. Those are the muscles I really want to stretch.

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