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14 Jun



Two hours up a mountain on a bike. Two hours of pedaling, climbing, aching, and more pedaling. 4,000 miles up. For two hours. And we freaking did it!

How? We don’t know. If we would have known how hard it was going to be, more than likely we would have objected. But, we were strong in faith, determined, and encouraging of each other. And when it got really hard, we pushed through anyway.

The journey has been incredible so far – from beautiful Seattle to the picturesque countryside leading to Sultan, Washington, through prairie and farmland leading to Spokane, our tired bodies are going through much more than a physical change. And for that, we are grateful.

Yet, when it comes to approaching those obstacles, this is what we have learned: you need to attack them. You don’t have to like it, it doesn’t have to be pretty. But, when you see the mountain looming in the distance, you speed up. Going slow is more painful. You go to the highest gear (hopefully, you have a slight downhill beforehand), and you pedal your heart out. This will give you momentum. Then, you slowing start shifting down, even if you have to eventually shift down to your last gear.

And you keep going. 

Eventually, you will get over that obstacle. And the view from the top… is pretty fantastic.


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