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It’s The Climb

29 Jul


Imagine, if you have experienced it, the log ride at Disneyland. When the ride begins, you and a few people climb into a carved out “log,” and gently drift around a little river at the top of the mountain. The ride seems pleasant at first. You hear cute songs sung by cheery squirrels and birds. Everything just seems so annoyingly happy. Too happy. Something is off. You sense impending doom. After a few minutes, you see brier rabbit caught in a thorn bush. He’s trapped. Crying. All is not right.

Then, the log starts to go up.

Before you is what seems like a 1,000 foot incline, darkness all around, with the roaring sound of rushing water and the crank-crank-cranking of the log slowly approaching the opening at the top.

There is no escape.

Your heart starts racing.

You are about to go down a waterfall.

Yep, you just might die today.

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Bikes and Brunch

21 Jan


This is my twin bike. It was love at first bell chime.

A year ago, a visionary chick from Rhode Island stormed into our little Phoenix town, with talk of re-mobilizing and revitalizing the¬†downtown scene. She also sported a sweet ride that closely mirrored the Black Sheep frame I’ve been straddling for a year. She understood how awesome bikes are and we’ve been pounding the pavement together ever since.

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the blog for courageous bicycles