Bikes and Brunch

21 Jan


This is my twin bike. It was love at first bell chime.

A year ago, a visionary chick from Rhode Island stormed into our little Phoenix town, with talk of re-mobilizing and revitalizing the downtown scene. She also sported a sweet ride that closely mirrored the Black Sheep frame I’ve been straddling for a year. She understood how awesome bikes are and we’ve been pounding the pavement together ever since.

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Park Pedaling

14 Jan

Occasionally when riding my bike, I’ll take the quickest route, even if that means it’s not the prettiest. Thanks to a friend, I ventured down a new, longer path and discovered how bike paths once again connect us to more beauty than streets ever could.


We rode our bikes south on College Avenue in Tempe and were greeted by a fantastic pedestrian bridge. Doesn’t that curvy path look curiously inviting? Making our way over the 60 freeway, a small grassy park came into view. Palmer Park is tucked away from the main roadways, providing a quaint retreat for this Tempe suburban neighborhood.

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A Worthy Commute

10 Jan

According to Google Maps, biking from downtown Tempe to downtown Phoenix takes 51 minutes; a light rail commute takes 45 minutes. During freeway rush hour, a car commute is arguably the same amount of time.

Most days, I choose to ride the light rail in conjunction with my bike to save time, but, let’s be honest: that’s laziness. Lately, I noticed many bike commuters have the same mentality and are contributing to “rail congestion,” that is, taking double the space on the light rail by holding their bike. Just last week, I counted 7 bikes in one light rail car. It was time to move my commute to the streets. Investing an extra 6-10 minutes into my bike commute gains:

  • Cheaper ride (aka FREE)
  • Increased exercise
  • Amazing views

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Hit The Road!

1 Jan


The bike and the road: when you ride, each day is an adventure! Ever since going car free over a year ago, I have shared my story and helped navigate bike tours to learn more about the roads the city.  People on the Metro Rail like to hear stories of my adventures, too.  Yet, I have met so many other unsung heroes with amazing cycling stories to tell. So, I thought: let’s share our riding adventures together! Don’t have a bike story yet? Grab a bike and come find your adventure!

Won’t you join me?

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