Why Biking 3,400 Miles Is Totally Worth It

31 May


Everyone has the power to make a difference.

Some say creating change is difficult, even impossible, when it comes to tackling social justice issues.

I’d say it’s as easy as riding a bicycle.

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This Just In: Mountain Biking is AWESOME!

20 Mar


If you’ve been riding for a while, the awesomeness of mountain bike riding may be yesterday’s news. For newbie riders, take note – this is something you HAVE to experience.

Up until now, I have been sticking to riding alongside roads and canals or connecting with group rides in the city. But, I was curious about what other rides can be experienced in the valley.

Enter: Night Ride Mountain Biking

As Macklemore would say, this is f—ing awesome!

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Riding Gives You Wings!

11 Mar

What do you think of when you hear the word “Freedom?”

Possibly a mental image of this guy:


or this:


Or maybe a patriotic flag or a vision of the cross.

(I’m sure this kid feels AWESOME practicing his freedom of artistic expression.)

Do you ever think of this?


A simple bike. Pretty basic. Two wheels, two petals, a handlebar, a seat, and a chain.

It’s a symbol of freedom.

Ever wanted to win the lottery? Well, this is your winning ticket. It’s fast, it’s exciting, and it will make you feel like you can fly. Seriously.

I mean, doesn’t it beat this?



These are our prisons. Completely unnatural and not what we were designed to be refined to. Whenever you have a chance to get out of the box, or whatever your “prison” of stagnant movement is, and onto a device that flows, allowing your creative mind to open and other mental barriers to fall down, it is an experience worth trying.

We are always seeking freedom, and expressing that desire, even if the word “freedom” is not said outright.

“If only I had…”
“I’ll be so happy when…”
“I’m waiting until…” 
“My schedule won’t allow…”

These restrictions we put on ourselves limit our view of what’s possible. The more we are limited, the less options we have, until our actions become robotic and predictable, including how we treat ourselves or other people. The idea of freedom is to be set loose from restrictions, and boldly explore the unknown.

To experience liberation.

Luckily, if you are citizen of the United States, you have that right. It’s conveniently partnered with the right to “the pursuit of happiness.” So, why not exercise that right?

No matter your goals, your dreams, your aspirations, I can guarantee that finding a place where you can cruise around on your bike will give you a new appreciation of life, love, and happiness. We think that birds are free because they can soar into the sky, unchained from any object. In essence, a bicycle can do the same thing. A friend of mine describes riding a bike as “a heightened joy of the senses, where anything is possible.”

So this week, ride a bike. Just once. And I dare you to close your eyes at some point during a bike ride. Capture that moment. Experience the sensation of flight, of releasing your inhibitions, and believing that the goal or idea you have in your mind is possible.

Enjoy your freedom!

“Every man dies, but not every man truly lives.” – William Wallace


“What Is Love?”- A Special Journey

13 Feb

Here is a unique story illustrating the beautiful harmony between two people who have chosen to share their life path, using their bicycles as a way to celebrate their relationship. As little children, they rode their bikes to visit each other, continuing their tradition with their own children, and transforming their love of cycling, and unconditional love for one another, into their adult years.

A bicycle is a special device, whisking us around this fascinating world to explore, discover, and perhaps, unite us together. They serve as companions to us, where the handlebars feel like home, the wheels give us wings of freedom, and allows our present company to “shift gears” from a simple stranger to a cherished friend. Bicycles encourage us to appreciate this gift of life we are given and love those whom we have the honor of sharing our life path with.

This tale of two long-time lovers, devoted in their commitment to serve one another, (did you see the princess crown on her helmet?) is a sweet story, but is it too far-fetched to believe that this can be more than a rare occurrence, where a bike can bring people together in such a special way?

I believe it can.

Riding a bike is a form of sacrifice: you trade your time, and the convenience of a car, to invest in your personal health and curious hunger for the “journey.” You silently vow to share your path with others. You seek a goal to reach a specific destination, and along the way, become acutely aware of those pursing the same thing. From this common ground, love can grown. It’s a relationship with your fellow rider, where an admiration of fond familiarity provides a willingness to help your peddling journeyman succeed. And, perhaps, this love can last a lifetime.

During this season of love and sacrifice, allow bicycling to transform your own life, by sharing your personal path with those whom you choose to care for, while remaining open to those who choose to care for you. With a little bit of faith, and trust, you’ll have a very special bike story to tell.

Evening Cruise

6 Feb

To wrap up the first month of 2013, Jonce Walker joined me on a humble bike ride to LUX Coffee Shop.

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