Evening Cruise

6 Feb

To wrap up the first month of 2013, Jonce Walker joined me on a humble bike ride to LUX Coffee Shop.

Jonce (who refuses to be referred to as a “hipster”) is basically a downtown hero. He cruises around with his dapper style on his beautiful black Linus Gaston bike complete with a tan Brooks saddle, advocating for bikeable downtown infrastructure and inspiring others to get involved in the movement, all while raising a family and managing sustainability programs for the county. Specifically, Jonce and his friend Jon Ashcroft founded Phoenix’s epic Pedal Craft to bring awareness to biking downtown. Yeah, he’s pretty cool.


There’s no other way to say it: Night rides are fun! Even if the weather is a little brisk, it’s worth bundling up to see the city streets come to life underneath the haze of yellow lights and gentle hum of cars passing by. Our bikes strolled down a bike lane that hugged a one-way street, providing a smooth cruise, north to our destination.

Even with a family, a demanding job, a full schedule of projects and community talks, Jonce enthusiastically chooses his two-wheeled ride over the supposedly more convenient car that awaits in his driveway. “Biking is the best way to commute. I used to own a number of cars in high school, but learned over the years that [a bike] is the smarter choice.”

This is the guy who now feels guilty if he rides the light rail over biking home. 

“Yeah,” he admits, “I’ve been a little lazy lately.” (If this was my definition of laziness, I would be destroying any obstacle!)



After our 4 mile ride, we arrived at LUX, packed as usual. To think: if a room full of people, who ventured to grab their cappuccino, traveled by their bike, because that was the best way to go. Imagine if around the city, people embraced the bicycle as easily as they embraced their identity as a manager, a father or husband, a Phoenician, or any other adjective of titles worthy to follow their name. Being a cyclist wouldn’t be an adjective; it would be the norm. 



One Response to “Evening Cruise”

  1. Suzanne February 6, 2013 at 6:02 pm #

    So true! Sharing.

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