Bikes and Brunch

21 Jan


This is my twin bike. It was love at first bell chime.

A year ago, a visionary chick from Rhode Island stormed into our little Phoenix town, with talk of re-mobilizing and revitalizing the downtown scene. She also sported a sweet ride that closely mirrored the Black Sheep frame I’ve been straddling for a year. She understood how awesome bikes are and we’ve been pounding the pavement together ever since.


Her name is Lindsay Kinkade and she is fabulous  So naturally, if she invites you to a bike brunch, you respond with an enthusiastic, “Hell Yes!”

This particular Sunday morning was the kind of the day that greets you with a cool breeze, partly cloudy sunshine, flowers, butterflies, and a faint, cheery Rogers and Hammerstein tune floating in the air. To not ride on a day like this is to deny your humanity. Your only option: make up for the hundreds of kids who find it better to spend the days indoors playing Wii Sports and RIDE.


Bringing people together over bikes and brunch is always a win-win – delicious food, mimosas, laughter, sunshine, and a dash of exercise, all with people you enjoy. For instance, we discovered that the iPhone can dance (freak out your friends) and learned interesting ways to perform bike yoga poses.


If you want to duplicate the experience, check out Tuck Shop’s Astor House in Phoenix, located on 12th street  and Oak in the historic Coronado district. The quaint stop provides plenty of delicious eats and is bike friendly. Don’t forget to bring your appetite, your bike posse and a worthy bicycle bell, announcing your cycling domination on the streets.

One Response to “Bikes and Brunch”

  1. Jim Nissen January 21, 2013 at 9:00 pm #

    That blue bike looks awesome! And yes, if Lindsay ever asks you to ride, it’s time to roll!

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