Park Pedaling

14 Jan

Occasionally when riding my bike, I’ll take the quickest route, even if that means it’s not the prettiest. Thanks to a friend, I ventured down a new, longer path and discovered how bike paths once again connect us to more beauty than streets ever could.


We rode our bikes south on College Avenue in Tempe and were greeted by a fantastic pedestrian bridge. Doesn’t that curvy path look curiously inviting? Making our way over the 60 freeway, a small grassy park came into view. Palmer Park is tucked away from the main roadways, providing a quaint retreat for this Tempe suburban neighborhood.


If one park wasn’t enough, we got to explore two! Just a stones throw away was the 125-acre Kiwanis Park, an oasis of parks in downtown Tempe. It has everything: a large lake filled with ducks, fish, and paddle boats, 3 large playgrounds, curvy paths, barbecue areas, and best of all: lots of PEOPLE. Peddling through the winded trail, we were witness to a number of large recreational fields for any sport imaginable, including sloshball.


Finally, we met up with an opening to the Western Canal Trail, a path that unites with the impressive Sun Circle Trail, a 50+ mile loop that almost encompasses the whole valley. Our portion hugged the Ken McDonald Golf Course, with the canal to our right, foliage to our left, and a funky, geometric passage overhead.

Parks offer a wonderful illustration of the community living life together. Parks simultaneously serve as a landscape for a child’s imagination or a urban recreational haven for adults, in the midst of nature. What a beautiful place for this unique partnership between important elements of our lives, co-existing and thriving, in our own backyards.

You too can grab a front row view to this display, from the seat of your bicycle!



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